The Last Save Investment

Title: The Last Safe Investment

Recommendation: 9/10


There are three books I read every year, this book is one of them. It is the equivalent of the red pill for general financial literacy. Instead of focusing on obtaining an arbitrary dollar amount, it focuses on investing in the one asset you have full control over: yourself. 

Concepts like happiness exchange rate, a framework to honestly evaluate the happiness received from every dollar spent and how to optimize it, and systemic spending, how any spending improves every other context of your life, aside from its original context – have been game changing for me.

“True Wealth” is increasing your value to other people, which is often best accomplished by investing in yourself.


[In the workplace] your “value” to other people is not intrinsic to you at all – it is defined by the match between your behavior and other people’s desired outcomes

No matter what uncertainty the future holds for the global economic climate, being valuable to others will never be obsolete, irrelevant, or valueless.

Every person has the opportunity to improve the future of someone by sharing well-timed, well-informed advice and mentorship.

Tribe = common set of values.

Communities = common circumstances.

Photo by Sahand Hoseini on Unsplash.

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