Moods Of Future Joys

Title: Moods Of Future Joys

Recommendation: 8/10

Summary: 46,000 miles from England to South Africa over four years on a bike.

The up-close and personal view of the locals, trials, uncertainty, and personal doubts of Alastair Humphreys crafts a refreshing and raw recount that draws the reader in, almost as if you were biking beside him.

There were moments when I was laughing out loud and on the edge of my seat as he progressed through the leopard-filled areas of Africa.

The differences among each people group, in Bulgaria, nodding means no and shaking your head side to side means yes, were also fascinating. His emphasis on being welcomed in by so many rekindled my hope for humanity; the bureaucratic hoops to jump through to acquire various passports fueled frustration.

“I didn’t have enough money, but that surely wasn’t a reason not to do it.” is a good summary of his determination.

And all for a great cause, raising funds for the Hope and Homes for Children charity.


A little less road waits for you tomorrow. A little more road lies behind you. Choose your road. Ride it well.

I started to think that the traffic was too dangerous for bikes when a ghostly-looking baker cycled past covered from head to foot in flour, a tray piled high with fresh bread balanced on his head.

Photo by Damien Schnorhk on Unsplash.

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