Trillion Dollar Coach

Title: Trillion Dollar Coach

Recommendation: 8.3/10

What do Apple, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook have in common? All had influence from Bill Campbell, who served as an executive or coached their high-level executives.

Diverging from the echo chamber of self-help books, this is a welcomed emphasis on helping others.

Genuine friendships and servant leadership were the pillars Bill used and fostered to support moonshot heights. If you’ve ever wondered what makes a good business coach, this is a great read.

Executives often overlook a company’s management culture when they are looking for ways to improve performance. That is a mistake.

If you think you know the right answer, be the last to speak. If you’re a manager, always be the last to speak.

Trust doesn’t mean you always agree; in fact, trust makes it easier to disagree with someone.

The ability to build rapport very quickly is the cornerstone of any coaching business.

The best teams are the ones with the most psychological safety.

Good leaders are those who are 1) quick learners/smart 2) hard workers 3) have integrity 4) have grit.

Good leaders grow over time, those who are curious and want to learn new things are best suited for this. There is no room in this formula for smart alecks and their hubris.

Great managers help people excel and grow, understanding people’s unique career goals and being sensitive to their life choices. It means helping people achieve these career goals in a way that’s consistent with the needs of the company. Trust means freeing people to do their jobs and to make decisions. It means knowing people want to do well and believing that they will.

Think that everyone who works for you is like your kid. Help them course correct, make them better.

Photo by Lerone Pieters on Unsplash.

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