The Advantage

Title: The Advantage

Recommendation: 8.9/10

Although Patrick Lencioni argues it’s the single greatest advantage, organizational health is often ignored.

Placing executive teams at the center of organizational health, he declares they too often reflect golf teams, everyone on their own, when it should be a basketball team, working together.

“Hey, your side of the boat is sinking.” is a deadly environment.

To avoid this, create alignment by identifying a single priority. Then action becomes clear & executives proactively collaborate to solving problems that serve the greater good, instead of simply representing their depts.

Again, this demands collective responsibility, selflessness, and sacrifice (budget, headcount).

No solo Atlas action.

All in all, I’m a believer in the absolute imperative importance of healthy organizations/executive teams.

The world is full of organizations where employees feel uninformed and in the dark – even though they have access to more newsletters and interactive websites than ever. They don’t get consistent, authentic, and relevant communication

Everyone in C-Suite is a Chief Reminding Officer.

Healthy organizations will inevitably get smarter over time. Learn from each other, identify critical issues, and recover quickly from mistakes.

People are skeptical about what they’re being told, unless they hear it constantly over time.

After every meeting go around and ask each person for a commitment to the decision.

We confuse a mere transfer of information to an audience with the audience’s ability to understand, internalize and embrace the message.

Thematic goal, if we accomplish only one thing in the next _ month what would it be?

Audiences evaluate less on if contents are intellectually novel or compelling but more than anything else whether they believe the leaders are serious, authentic, and committed to what they say.

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