The Lois Lowry Experiment

Odds are you’ve heard of, or read, The Giver.

This dystopian novel takes place in a curated culture where everything, down to the emotions or lack thereof of, is controlled.

Not a plot that’s a first of its kind but it does make you think about the intent.

What would provoke a person to write such a thing?

Well, Lois has personal ties; she watched her father lose his memory.

And one day when he saw a photo of Lois’ sister, who had died many years before, she had to recall her passing to him.

When she did the pain and heartache she felt made her wonder, would be better to not feel at all?

This book was her thought experiment in that realm; and without needing a podium to stand on her message rings loud and reached far; life is pain but it brings meaning, love, and the possibility for change.

Which is ultimately more important than sacrificing all to protect oneself from pain.

Photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

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