Rockets: Gimbal Thrust

The materialization of childhood dreams is a reality held by few.

However, Chris Hadfield is a rare case in that he did accomplished his childhood dream when he became an astronaut.

From learning Russian, to moving underwater in a space suit, there’s a true firehose of information and dynamic skill set required of astronauts.

And of that downpour the inner workings of rockets stands out as a key point of interest.

Take the rocket engine for example. These were not directionally set, they operate on a gimbal.

What is a gimbal?

It’s a mechanism that permits rotation of an object about an axis

This design allows for greater control over the direction of a rocket.

It’s a design that’s been in use since 1948, 73 years.

How will the rocket design change in the next 30? In part, that is up to you, dear reader.

Photo by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger on Unsplash.

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