Why Is Time Management So Hard?

There’s not one right answer to this question.

But there are a couple answers that probably covering 70% of the challenge.

  1. Doing hard things is hard. With entertainment so easily accessible, I’m looking at you social media, gathering the willpower to do the things you want to do but don’t have such a low barrier to entry or provide immediate dopamine is hard.
  2. Time management isn’t a one size fits all. Knowing how you effectively operate, desk, headphones or not, timed tasks, etc. takes a lot of honesty and self awareness that isn’t easily cultivated. And is in fact a daily battle.
  3. Failing to plan is in fact planning to fail and not many people know what their idea plan is. (See point 2)

May your time management be fantastic and a great week because of that.

Photo by Kamil Molendys on Unsplash.

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