Find Your Blue Ocean

There’s a quiet town nestled between the enormous Rocky Mountains in Canada.

People flock from across the world to see the beautiful water, trees that pepper the mountainsides, and inhale as much crisp clean air as possible.

As travelers come and go throughout the year there are a few key windows for prime canoeing. During that time there are open equipment rental shops at every turn. And although competition is fierce you’ll find an hours rental to average around 95 Canadian dollars.

This strikes a stark contrast to the off season where it’s nye impossible to find a canoe.

Enter Charles.

He’s had a canoe for a while, noticed the challenge for visitors to access a canoe in the winter, and decided to start renting his out at $100 for 24 hours.

Within Charles’ neighborhood alone there are at least 5 other houses with canoes that could be rented out.

However, he’s the only one that does.

Charles is an entreprenuer, he sees a problem and he does something about it.

Look for a need, a blue ocean, don’t overcomplicate it.

Photo by Yulia Matvienko on Unsplash.

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