4 Years Ft. Special Guest Seth Godin

Seth Godin has been a role model and (largely unbeknownst to him) friend to me over the past four years.

So to commemorate this years’ daily writing anniversary, Seth generously shared insight into questions I’ve been wanting to know the answer to for years, like:

  • How he started daily writing
  • What daily writing means to him
  • And why you should take the challenge

This was in many ways a dream come true.

The decision to write daily, a life-changing habit that I hope you consider (write for 30 days and I’ll send you a free book of your choosing!), is one that I’ve held onto with increasing resolve with eyes turned to people like Seth.

After hearing his name mentioned in the context of the longest daily writing streak on a public-facing site, a new trajectory for what daily writing could mean materialized for me.

20+ years I thought, how is that possible?

For me, it was the equivalent of someone running a sub 4-minute mile.

I had almost quit after 12 days, found a formidable struggle remained well past 365 days, and face doubts, disappointments, and discontentment continually.

But every day I’m glad I do it.

As Seth says, there are no promises, and showing up every day through writing is one way I live with intentionality, connecting and leading others.

I have something to share and often I need to write to find out what that something is.

It’s been a joyful, strenuous, rollercoaster of a journey.

Four years down, the foreseeable future to go.

A highlight of 2021

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