A Story: Henry’s Search

Henry was a small farm mouse.

He lived a life of simple pleasures, running in the cornfields, avoiding the barn cat, and generally feasting on the plethora of scraps.

As Henry got older he began to learn more about the world and his interests.

His love for leadership was strong.

He decided to pursue local politics, rangling together farm mice across the hillside – of which there were many.

Then one day Henry met a black mouse from the city.

He listened intently as tales of grandeur and spoil were shared.

There was so much more out there!

Places, mice, and food he had never encountered.

Henry began to feel inadequate.

What was all of this life he had been missing out on?

Is life on the farm second place, settling for what could have been?

Henry decided to step into possibility and moved to the city.

He dined, ran, and adventured as much as he could.

Trying many different occupations and possibilities.

Tasting, sniffing, smelling as he went.

The more things he saw the more he realized how much MORE there was to see.

And none of the experiences he had filled him with joy quite like leading the small political scene in the hillside.

But it was too late, the thought of going back to his old life was far removed.

Henry was a city mouse now.

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