A Different Kind Of Hero

If you’ve watched the news lately, you’ve likely seen the “House of Horrors” recap where the heartbreaking tale of an abusive home is brought to light.

Thankfully, one of the abused children, at age 17, escaped and involved authorities.

But why, after 17 years in this hell, did she decide to act?

It seems like there were three primary reasons.

Continuing to watch her siblings suffer was worse than taking a risk to get help.

Her punishments were becoming more severe, after being found out for posting singing videos on the internet. Not found by her parents but, a stranger, who had engaged with her content, confirmed that her current living conditions were troubling and encouraged her to involve authorities.

Bizarrely enough, with her limited access to the internet, she discovered Justin Bieber. And after listening to his music, watching his interviews, and realizing that his life contained friends and freedom; two words she only knew in theory – the potential for what life could be changed.

This is a different form of heroism.

The subtle kind where seeds are planted and watered without a contingency on an outcome.

Justin Bieber had no intention of broadening horizons to an abused girl or showing her that there is power in choosing to forgive and walk in grace.

The person who commented on her singing videos was just curious, likely not starting out with the intention to try to save a child.

Her siblings were living their “typical” day-to-day, not intending to provoke their sister into action.

You’re having an impact, whether you see it now, in 5 years, or never.

Do everything in your power to make sure it’s a good one.

We need more heroes, of a different kind.

Photo by Lukas Mann on Unsplash.

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