We Went To School Together

It’s a school unlike any other.

With enrollment numbers that dwarf those of the Ivy Leagues combined.

How do they do it?

Enrollment is open year-round.

No enforced class load limit.

In fact, you’ll find yourself in classes you never knew of, and sometimes which you hadn’t, like snow tire searching, caulking your bathroom, and slaying the procrastination dragon.

Their best-kept secret?

You can’t drop out!

A few of my favorite professors are:

Dr. Adiwtft Nlattymfy (After doing it wrong the first time – now look at the trouble you’ve made for yourself.)

Dr. Sab Tfapf (Surprise an obstacle – think fast and prepare fool.)

Welcome to the School of Hard Knocks.

Glad to have you here, friend.

Photo by Susan Wilkinson on Unsplash.

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