A Story In Which People Tell Me No, A Lot

I purchased curtains that were much to long.

Not being particularly skilled at cutting straight lines through fabric and wanting the most efficient way to achieve the ideal outcome I went to a fabric store to try my luck.

At the cutting desk the initial employee told me no.

She then asked her supervisor who also said no.

The supervisor than asked the assistant manager who said no.

I asked if I could cut the curtains myself so they wouldn’t have any liability.

They said no.

And that if I were to cut it myself I’d need to bring my own scissors.

I then asked again if I brought my own scissors would that be okay?

The supervisor said no, then said if I was really fast I could do it then or come in Monday or Tuesday to do it when they were less busy.

I then when to a home repair store to get a rain gutter.

I needed a 5ft rain gutter, they only had 12 ft in stock.

I went to lumbar to ask if they’d cut it the rain gutter.

Lumbar said no.

I was walking through the saw section and they were demoing saws and I asked if they would cut it.

They said no.

However, an employee mentioned that going to the tool rental area to rent a saw to then cut it might be the best option.

I walked over, explained the situation, and an employee offered to cut it free of charge

A meaningful yes is on the other side of many nos.

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