How Light Switches Work

It’s more challenging to fool kids then adults with magic tricks.

Kids favor simple explanation as opposed to complicated ones, while also being at a more strategic height to see a slight of hand.

Take a light switch for example.

Take a guess at how it works.

If you aren’t super familiar with how electricity works, first being generated and then guiding the current, this may be more of a challenge.

There are at minimum two wires in a switch.

A black hot wire, which carries the electricity from the breaker to the light, and the white wire, which takes the excess electricity and closes the circuit. You may occasionally have a ground wire as well.

When you turn a light switch off the circuit is disconnected, metal plates within the light are disconnected. when you turn the light switch on the circuit and metal plates are connected.

It’s easy to think complex but often the most straightforward explanation is the right one.

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