Story Time: Negotiating A Tree Trim

When an opportunity to negotiate presents itself, I take it.

Violent winds shook the canopy of tree branches decorating a mammoth tree in my backyard.

Unfortunately, soon after, a sharp crack was heard.

A 180+ lb branch had fallen.

It was time to trim the tree.

I called a company to come out and provided an estimate, which came out to $1350. The person was profession, timely, and educational. They identified some invasive birch trees and offered to cut and poison them included in the initial quote.

I told them thank you and that I was still getting a few quotes, although I knew on the spot I really wanted to go with them.

The second company arrived to provide a quote after missing the initial appointment time by over 3 hours, brandishing a hand with a missing finger, and doing little to understand my needs.

They quoted me at $1500.

I told them I had an offer for $1350.

They than offered $1000.

I told them I’d get back to them.

I then got a hold of the the first company saying, “This is probably a ridiculous question but I was wondering if you did price matching. I got a quote for $1000 but to be completed honest I really appreciated your companies professionalism and education approach and would like to pick your company. Could we meet in the middle at $1150?”

And that’s how a tree trimming was negotiated.

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