How To Create Genuine Connections When Networking

To approach networking like an Instagram post “I want everyone to like me and therefore I’m only going yo show what makes me look good.” rivals paint drying for engaging in meaningful networking calls.

You won’t jive with everyone, and you’re even less likely to jive with people that don’t have an interesting experience, hobby, or career path that genuinely interests you.

Curiosity is a form of flattery.

They were quoted in an article talking about how they’re an advocate of diversity of speech? Comment on that.

They moved from one role to another that you’re interested in? Ask them about it.

And when they share something, take it a step further by trying to add value. Maybe you can encourage them, ask a good follow up, recommend a book of video you read, or maybe connect them with a friend who also loves that subject.

Drop the need to optimize for status or role, and reach out to people that have done things that genuinely interest you.

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