Copy & Paste Is Not A Successful Product Strategy

“But it worked so well for ____.”

That’s awesome, and I’m glad it worked so well for them, but we have a different user, need, and service.

Too often the immediate step after seeing a feature that catches your eye is to try and copy and paste without modification into your own product.

(Although directly copy and pasting, not necessarily building it but putting together some mocks to show users, is a step up from not being willing to try at all.)

You may get lucky a few times but thoughtfully adapting to your context is needed.

When evaluating, consider:

  • Why did it work for them?
  • What similarities are there?
  • Why might this feature succeed or fail in our context, i.e. will it translate well?
  • What adaptations are necessary to make this feature succeed in our context?

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