The Bear And The Golden Salmon

First, his nose twitched seeking out a promising scent.

Once found, the news was passed to the stomach who’s grumbling awakened the bear.

Thus was the start to another clear spring morning. He was ready for a meal.

Lumbering to the familiar stream where he’d enjoyed many a salmon, something different happened.

Peering into the water a flash caught his eye.

A salmon with glistening golden scales four times the size of the rest of the fish caught his eye.

He must have it.

And so the chase began.

Dodging, ducking, and darting the fish moved at speeds the bear had never experienced.

Unlike typical conquests, where the end came swiftly, this carried on and on with the golden salmon always seeming one step ahead.

For hours, days, weeks, and months it continued.

The bear grew lean, crazed in pursuit of the golden salmon. From sun up to sun down he was zealous in his pursuit.

The leaves began to change and yet he hardly noticed as the chase continued.

Until finally one day the bear caught the golden salmon and feasted on its sparkling scales.

Once finished he realized there were no other fish in the stream and that the first snow was approaching.

He had lost his opportunity to prepare for winter in pursuit of the golden salmon and now, winter was coming.

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