What I Read This Week

Jurassic Park – 4/5 stars

An amusement park highlighting prehistoric creatures is absolutely brilliant. I’d visit if only the human-eating dinosaurs were securely enclosed and miniature. Michael Crichton’a ability to balance believability and outrageousness is incredible.

A Long Way Home – 3/5 stars

A Long Way Home is a truly heart-wrenching read that sheds light on the sobering reality of food insecurity in parts of India. The book’s compelling narrative highlights the incredible journey of Saroo, whose unwavering courage and perseverance in reuniting with his original family is both inspiring and humbling.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz – 3/5 stars

A tattooist, in a concentration camp? A overlooked role that presents a fascinating character opportunity. The fact that the story is roughly based on the real-life experiences of Ludwig Eisenberg adds to its poignancy and emotional impact. While at times frustrated by the unrealistic romantic storyline, the book is a fast-paced and gut-wrenching account of the horrors and heartbreaks of life in a concentration camp.

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