Highlights From Tress; A Kickstarter Book By Brandon Sanderson

Here are a few of my highlights from Tress, one of the four surprise novels from Brandon Sanderson’s world-breaking Kickstarter.*

“Are you angry at me? Anger is in line right now. It’s seventh down, sandwiched between confusion and fatigue”

“They say that to wait is the most excruciating of life’s torments. “they” in this case refers to writers, who have nothing useful to do, so fill their time thinking of things to say. Any working person can tell you that having time to wait is a luxury.”

“As it has ever been said, gifts are the secret to popularity. That and having the power to behead anyone who dislikes you.”

“Both listened quietly as she spoke. This was, in part, because she’d baked them quail-egg pies. It’s more difficult to object to your daughter’s temporary insanity when your mouth is full.”

“In that moment, Tress felt like something Fort had cooked, grimy, crusty, and barely able to fulfill its intended purpose.”

*I didn’t get into the fundraiser but luckily I have friends who are much smarter than I who did. And they kindly let me read the book.

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