What Do Customers Actually Care About?

I approached the key copy kiosk, hopeful that I could quickly duplicate my key without assistance.

But as I tried to operate the seemingly straightforward machine, a prompt appeared instructing me to find a store associate. I scanned the area, but on a busy Saturday morning employees were scarce.

After a few minutes of wandering, I finally found an available associate who found another associate that was able to help. I couldn’t help but wonder if there were only a few employees that knew how to operate the machine and asked if that was so. Turns out every employee was supposed to be able to operate the kiosk, and it was straightforward enough that they felt confident anyone could do it, but the contract they had with the kiosk company required an employee to operate it.

As it turned out, the company behind the kiosk had been around for years, back when key making was a tedious and intensive process. Even as machines came in and revolutionized the industry, the company believed that customers still valued human touch when it came to their key copying needs. And so, they designed their kiosks to be operated by employees, ensuring that customers would always receive expert assistance.

I don’t want a drill, I want a hole.

I don’t want expert assistance, I want a key.

Remove friction to deliver value to your customers.

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