The Last Lecture

This is a book review.

During last years holiday season and traditional gift exchanges, I was blessed to receive a very thoughtful and well-suited gift from one of my good friends Delia Cheney.

A book.

“The Last Lecture,” by Randy Paush.

This is a comprehensive review.

Death. An inevitable event that is impartial to the idea of “fairness”.

This book follows a professor, Randy Pausch, who is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The cancer was terminal with 12 tumors occupying his liver. At the time of his diagnosis, he had a small family with his wife Jai.

They have three kids, the oldest is Dylan age 6, Logan age 3, and Chloe 18 months old.

This book served as a way for his kids to learn more about their dad and for Randy to share the highlights and greatest lessons from his life.

In the first twenty pages Randy makes a great distinction,” many people might expect this book to be about dying. But instead, it is about living.”

I love the emphasis he puts on achieving your childhood dreams. Those young aspirations are so often discouraged.

His view of criticism really benefited me. “If you’re messing up and no one says anything, they’ve given up on you.” This not only made me appreciate criticism but have an open and appreciative heart toward it.

Complaining does not work as a strategy. We all have finite time and energy. Any time we spend whining is unlikely to help us achieve our goals. And it won’t make us happier.

I’m really glad Randy included a mention, if brief, of his spiritual journey. Nearing the last months of his diagnosed 3-6 months left to live his paster makes this comment.

Do not focus just on having life insurance but also emotional insurance. The premium of which is paid for with time and money.

Overall this book gave an insightful and refreshing perspective on living your best life and appreciating your health while you have it.

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