Criticism is a compliment

There are always critics.

Maybe they take form in your teachers, parents, siblings or coworkers.

However, the commonly held belief of criticism being negative is something I’ve largely let go of.

This new understanding was portrayed through the book “The Last Lecture,” by Randy Pausch. He says one quote, in particular, that stuck out to me.

“If you’re messing up and no one says anything, they’ve given up on you.”

If you view criticism through this mindset it suddenly takes a completely new form.

Instead of viewing people as out to get you, see them as trying to help. Instead of view criticism as venomous jealousy, see it as the elixir of encouragement.

When people care they criticize. This is a great comfort.

It becomes apparent that the ones we love are often the ones most likely to criticize. But this criticism doesn’t come from a place of ill intent but of thoughtfulness.

Looking back on experiences in my personal life where I have been criticised from those I love I can now more clearly see the helpful heart that was speaking behind it all.

Even those who may take unwanted swings at your work are criticizing because they care.

Of course, there can be criticism that is too harsh or coming from a place of jealousy. However to take these negative experiences and hold that as the mindset with which you view all criticism is a tragedy.


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