Don’t limit your sales funnel

A customers journey is not linear.

Often traditional marketing funnels have customers entering through a very structured system. Stage one is something like “awareness” and the sequential stages continues until the final purchase.

A well-structured sales funnel has its benefits. However, the modern customer has changed.

Now customers not only enter at all different stages of the sales funnel but they often skip over stages entirely, move back and forth between stages, or will stay at one stage indefinitely.

Customers are now more than ever more likely to skip around in your sales funnel. Structuring your sales funnel in a way that forces your customer to do a, b and c can often lose you sales.

Modern sales funnel should have the power to influence a customer’s journey, but not to restrictive control it.

Instead, it’s more about making sure customers can find what they are looking for at any stage.

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