3 Books I Read Every Year

I’ve found tremendous value in reading classics.

I loosely define classics as books you can continually re-read, gaining new insights each time.

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” ― Oscar Wilde

Based on this definition, what determines a classic is subjective.

Literature that provides new insight to you will probably not be the same for me.

The annual reading of the same book has served as a personal benchmark for how you’re perspective has changed over time.

For example, when I read Charlottes Web as a child versus reading it a few years ago, the insights I took away were completely different.

Refreshing on principles through classics has been valuable to me.

Here are 3 classics I read every year:

1. Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

This book encourages and strengthens my faith everytime I read it.

2. The Law by Frederic Bastiat.

Written in 1850 the contents of this well-written pamphlet remains timeless. Government meets philosophy in a revolutionary way. This book helped plant the seed for my love of government and understanding of the government’s proper role, which could use a constant refresher as it’s easy to forget.

3. The Last Safe Investment By Micheal Elsberg.

Financial literacy is a topic that has grown close to my heart. I’ve grown to cherish the wise advice of Micheal Elsberg. Especially as I see so many of my peers misinformed or completely neglected on this topic. This is a favorite and has always provided earth-shattering realizations upon each read.

I challenge you to gather your own list of classics and to read them annually.


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