Overcome obstacles​ by creating

I feel like people often view creativity as a loose magic.

Like it’s a kind of spontaneous force that they can do little to entice and so they resolve to wait for it to knock on their door.

I take a different approach.

I feel like creativity is a skill, a muscle you can grow. The most straightforward and often overlooked way to build this skill is to use it frequently. Ideally, using your creative muscle daily.

By doing so you accomplish two things:

  1. Taking the initiative. You are the master of your creativity. The force that compels you to create is not intermittent but constant. This will push you to grow and challenge yourself to the fullest.
  2. Because you are constantly creating you are constantly improving. Of course, not everything you produce is going to be good, or even something you like. However, the act of simply creating even something you don’t end up liking provides value.

Creativity is waiting, will you take hold of it today?

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