You are the most compelling argument


I constantly find myself in a dilemma.

I want to change people, but I can’t.

I want to counsel them into productive habits.

However, I frequently find myself being hypocritical.

This occurs on a small scale, my brother is on his phone, I tell him to get off his phone he’s wasting his time. I get on my phone.

This happens on a large scale, I advocate for certain principles, say valuing my time and daily undervalue and waste time.

This is a constant struggle, one that will never completely subside.

But I find it calmly reassuring.

To understand that it is constant struggle provides for constant opportunity to conquer.

And an opportunity to conquer is an opportunity to inspire a choice for change.

This all plays back to the golden saying, actions speak louder than words.

It’s easier to tell someone to do something than do it yourself.

Occasionally it can even be easier to do something for someone else than to do it for yourself.

The reality is you can’t change people.

Change is a choice only they can make.

However, I can live out what I preach.

And that is the most compelling argument.

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