You are the most compelling argument

  I constantly find myself in a dilemma. I want to change people, but I can’t. I want to counsel them into productive habits. However, I frequently find myself being hypocritical. This occurs on a small scale, my brother is on his phone, I tell him to get off his phone he’s wasting his time….

how an animated spider inspired me to challenge​ popular opinions

Logical fallacies, not a topic you hear commonly discussed under that formal title. However, logical fallacies surround us. A specific type of fallacy is that of popular appeal. The fallacy holds that if it is popularly believed that x is true therefore x must be true. Clearly, this is a fallacy because it is an error…

The importance of a Not-to-Do List

To-Do Lists are common. If you’re anything like me you probably use a To-Do list every day. They are effective for prioritizing, having a plan of execution and rewarding yourself by crossing things off that you accomplished. However, to-do lists can quickly become never-ending and overwhelming. The perfect way to counter that, with a Not-to-Do…

Say what you mean, not what you think other people want to hear.

I’m guilty. Guilty of trying to be ‘relatable’ or make meaningless conversation by trying to say things I thought other people wanted to hear. Personally, I find I do this most when making small talk. When you say you loved that movie when you really thought it was awful. When you call yourself fat or…

Criticism is a compliment

There are always critics. Maybe they take form in your teachers, parents, siblings or coworkers. However, the commonly held belief of criticism being negative is something I’ve largely let go of. This new understanding was portrayed through the book “The Last Lecture,” by Randy Pausch. He says one quote, in particular, that stuck out to me….