Battle Of The Burgers (Fries & Shakes)

There has long been a debate determining which burger reigns supreme, In-N-Out or Shake Shack?

Having never tried Shake Shack I knew there was only one way to settle this debate.

To try In-N-Out and Shake Shack side by side. I was fortunate enough to have the blossoming food critic and friend, Connor Chew as my accomplice in this endeavor.

(If you recall Beeli’s Boba and A New Age Of Card Games you will remember the mastermind Connor Chew from the boba trifecta.)

To begin, we chose four criteria to evaluate the offerings.

Connor’s Score Card

Shake Shack – 7.8/10
In-n-Out – 7.8/10
Shake Shack – 7/10
In-n-Out – 7.5/10
Shake Shack – 7/10
In-n-Out – 8/10

Which would I prefer to eat?
Honestly I wouldn’t be mad with either but I guess my scorecard indicates In-N-Out.

Beeli’s Score Card

Shake Shack – 6.4/10
In-n-Out – 8.9/10
Shake Shack – 5.4/10
In-n-Out – 8.3/10
Shake Shack – 3.2/10
In-n-Out – 9/10

Which would I prefer to eat?
In-N-Out, hands down. Shake shack fries were limp and showed signs of being frozen, for who knows how long. The cheese in their burger was of better quality then In-N-Out but the melody of flavors did not satisfy me. Unless I was craving solely a vanilla shake, I will always choose In-N-Out. Finally, for two burgers, a fry and shake In-N-Out totaled under $17 while Shake Shack was at $35.

In summary we both agreed that Shake Shack had the better of the two vanilla milkshakes by far, but lost out on their very sub par fries and heavier burgers.

Inferior offering rightly packaged in a brown (trash) bag
Enough food for an army (Or one Connor and Beeli)
Aerial view comparison

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