Is Your Tank Half Full?

If you drive your car without ever looking under the hood, you’re not set up for long term success.

Even I, who has as much familiarity with vehicles as a penguin does with fire, can tell you that.

However, it is common for people, mainly directed at myself here, to do the very thing that clearly will not lead to long term success.

I write this as I myself have not looked under the hood of my car, of one month, as of yet. (Rest assured, I’ll be doing this later today else I turn into a pumpkin from hypocrisy.)

So, today look under your internal hood and ask yourself, how is my:

Adventure tank

Introvert tank

Sleep tank

Fulfillment tank

Evaluate the levels they are currently at, and ask yourself, “What level would I like each respective tank to be at?”

Next, quantify the gap, I need to _____ today to fill my sleep tank. The blank could be take a nap or get to bed at 9 am.


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