Where Will You Choose To Sail?

As the captain of your ship you have, some, control over what seas you sail into.

Often, more control than you think.

Stormy seas can be brought on by the choice of bad company.

Unfavorable gusts of wind by the choice to value present luxuries over saving for a rainy day.

Sunshine and calm seas can be chosen as well.

And sometimes sunshine is found by testing the seas of those around you.

For example, I have a coworker who has changed my life, and at this moment I’m the most physically fit I’ve ever been.

Her ship is sailing in an environment where she goes to the gym every morning. This was completely uncharted waters for me. But I made the choice to test the water, and now I’m fully immersed.

However, there are a lot of people who see the example of my coworker and the seas she is sailing in and choose not to venture any further. 

There could be sunshine and calm seas right next to you. Where will you choose to sail?

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