A Strategic Advantage

I have a story for you.

Envision bright iridescent lights washing over endless barricades of perfectly placed products.

My prison, your local CVS.

My sentence length, the time it takes to get a prescription filled.

To add some context to this black and white scene, the pharmacy was understaffed and I had just come from an appointment so the prescription would be filled in about an hour.

After an hour, the prescription was ready.

As I made it to the front of the line to check out, the pharmacist made the comment, “Have you looked at the prices on these?” His question was met with slight raised eyebrow and inquisitive no. The total for the three items was $200+.

My thought: fascinating.

The pharmacist mentioned they could look and compare with other vendors to get a lower price. However, while we had been conversing, a small village of screaming children had materialized behind me waiting for their flu shots.

So I quickly weighed, was the possibly savings of $40-$90 worth waiting 30-40 min until the flu shots were done?

The resulting decision, it was worthwhile to wait.

This might not always be the case.

Knowing the value of your time is a strategic advantage.

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