A Crazy Idea

I like to read.

My friends will tell you that’s an understatement.

I often think about how time spent reading can have an equal ROI as time spent scrolling through social media.

The key is making positive changes after reading any book.

To encourage more positive change I have 1) a notebook where I note highlights from each book to reflect and act on for the rests of my life 2) write and publish book reviews here 3) create charts and plans of action 4) tell my friends what I learned and engage in discussions.

But yesterday the thought came to mind, how can I make the most of reading any book? 

The answer: gratitude.

I decided to write the authors of the books I’ve read since September. This would be a brief thank you note including a couple highlights from their book to their physical address if possible.

I’ll keep you updated on how this goes.

Photo by Julian Paul on Unsplash.

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