Shaving My Head + Why

I’m going to shave my head.

Upon hearing that information your immediate response is probably, why?

And a perfectly legitimate question that is.

If I were to tell you the why was because long hair is hot during the summer, or because a friend dared me to, those would be legitimate whys.

However, I wouldn’t say they are particularly strong whys.

The real answer to the question of why I am going to shave my head is because I believe it will be a gesture of love.

The first friend or family member who gets cancer and starts losing their hair, which is a sobering thought but statistically very likely, will be going through a very difficult challenge.

I want them to feel like they have someone who is not just supporting them but going through the process with them. Someone who can discuss new hats and beanies they’ve found with them. A gesture of love.

I think this is an interesting study in whys. Different why’s have different levels of belief and power behind them. You can feel it.

I challenge you to inquire into the why behind the action you take.

Photo by Peter Boccia on Unsplash.

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