Lessons From Icy Roads

My roommate got in a car accident yesterday.

Thankfully, they emerged uninjured. The car, however, is totaled.

Their insurance is calculating what they’ll offer towards a new car, providing a rental car in the interim.

As soon as the amount for a new car is provided, a rental car will no longer be provided.

Which means my roommate needs to find a car, quickly.

There are concerns here. Concerns are ok.

But concerns often turn into worries, where we entertaining “what ifs” and induce stress.

Here’s a helpful exercise to avoid that.

It may sound counterintuitive but, consider the worst case scenario.

In this case that might be not finding a car you’re ready to purchase after the insurance has provided a quote.

And you’ll be without a car.

Which means you’ll have to Uber, ask your friends for rides, or ride public transportation for a little while.

After considering the potential worst case, you’re surprise to realize you’d be FINE!

And you likely won’t be thinking of this in 6 months from now.

Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash.

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