Colorado Thoughts

I value loving others and learning about things that interest me. When traveling it is no surprise that these values are the things I enjoy most about the experience.

The past two months have held a recent influx in vacations, providing ample opportunity to brainstorm my ideal vacation or day.

The day starts at 5:30 am with physical exercise. Breakfast is waffles with butter, bacon, avocado, and maple syrup. After this I would go to a workshop and present to women on how to heal from wounds on their heart by understanding their identity in Christ and then have calls/meetings with three of my friends to check in and see how their goals are going over In-N-Out. At this point it’s time to do some growing, [insert growing experience – engaging with strangers – confronting false beliefs – taking action on goals]

Now it is time to find a warm sunny place to read for an hour while drinking water. Then I’ll write for another hour. I host dinner for my friends, Jeff Bezos, and other business leaders while being pitched by other small startups. They leave by 8:30 and the evening ends with a sunset, worship music, and some more reading.

(Casting a vision of what your ideal day looks like can help identify immediate and long term changes that will increase your fulfillment, happiness, or both.)

The Colorado vibe is laid back. Partially due to their lacks legislation surrounding herbs.

In that same vein of observations, it smells like Vancouver, Canada. 

Gas is cheap. 

6 card Cactus is actually sick.

1 deck + 2 Beeli’s = never ending game of Egyptian war.

Surprisingly lots of sushi in Denver, and good pho!

Love the Denver Art Museum (Top 3 favorite art museums and excited to see how this list expands in the future.)

Union station in Denver is the coolest train station I’ve been to. (Reminds me of the Ferry Building in San Francisco & Granville Island in Vancouver)

Surprising amount of geese were seen. 

Chick-Fil-A makes a great pit stop.

Thankful for family who are willing to proofread and give feedback on written content.

Traveling with different groups creates different experiences.

Being surrounded by the same people for extended periods of time presents an opportunity to become creative with conversation topics. (Although, there’s nothing like peaceful silence as you read or take in your surroundings.)

Photo by Devonshire on Unsplash.

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