I don’t like people.

I love people.

Analogous to a bear that has found a pot of honey and is overflowing with delight, so is my attitude when I have found a fellow friend.

It’s important to identify qualities you’d like in friends, so you can spot them quickly.

The traits I find most valuable are a desire to learn, being kind, and genuinely curious.

One of my favorite things to do it is help my friends accomplish their goals or discussing what excites them and make a plan to accomplish it. But achieving progress is not possible, nor enjoyable to attempt, if the person does not have a desire to learn.

I work to surround myself with those who make me a better version of myself. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be people who are more impressive than you or even farther along in their career. It could be someone who inspires you to be kind. After all, we don’t need more smart people who don’t care about other people.

In order for someone to help you become closer to the person you wan to be, they need to have a good understand of what that future person looks like. Having a genuine curiosity about others is helpful, if not essential here.

Examine your friends, what qualities are you finding? If they’re not traits you desire, consider making some changes. Learn to love people, and express your delight to those who surround you and have traits you appreciate.

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