To make toast is one part of living.

But a life full of making toast is not a life lived.

In a lifetime, I would argue there are certain events that everyone should do before they die. Some of those things are to go on an adventure, take someone else on an adventure, and frequently leave your comfort zone.

Going on an adventure, what does that truly mean? Generally, it’s an endeavor in which you leave and come back a different person. This to me represent many things beyond just a physical excursion. It could be an experience that simply changes you like teaching a class or stepping up to a new leadership role.

After you’ve been on an adventure, seen how it’s changed you for the better, what more ideal thing than to share that with someone else.

And this flows nicely into leaving your comfort zone. For proposing something challenging, following through with the challenge, and convincing others to engage as well are not easy feats.

To ensure we live a life that goes beyond just making toast, ask what’s your next adventure?

Photo by Leti Kugler on Unsplash.

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