Psychologist Trick To Dissolve The Mental Apocalypse

Here’s a psychology trick, evaluating the worst case scenario reduces anxiety.*

That seems counter intuitive.

How would identifying the worst case minimize anxiety?

If you’ve ever heard someone explain their fear to you it’s probable that in the process of explaining it they are unsure of something, even saying “I don’t know.”

Uncertainty plays a powerful role in anxiety.

We are afraid of the unknown.

If you’re able to get clarity on what you’re afraid of, look it in the face, you might be surprised that it’s not as bad as you thought. It might not be sunshine and roses, but it’s not the end of the world apocalypse you made it out to be.

Cling to hope.

*This is a topic I’ve written about previously.

Photo by Bhushan Sadani on Unsplash.

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