My Prominent Characteristics: Multiple Perspectives

It’s always interesting to compare perspectives.

After all, people see things you don’t.

What happens when you compare perspectives on your characteristics?

I was curious so I asked my friends, what are the top five character traits you think I display?

Here is the result:

1. Loving, ambitious, focused, curious, stubborn
2. Generous, extremely caring/loving, inspires greatness/draws out good in others, determined to win, unafraid of feedback
3. Honesty, loving, friend, caring, engaged
4. Driven, confident, friendly/kind, intentional, funny
5. Curiosity/quest for self-knowledge, adventurousness, stubbornness (grit), care for others and wanting them to be better, competitiveness
6. Curious, cheerful, thoughtful, intense, privileged
7. Thoughtful, pretentious, christ-centered, adventurous, optimistic

In retrospect, I wish I would have asked for the top five good and bad characteristics; because it is the tendency of your friends to primarily see the good in you.

Here are the top five characteristics I feel I currently display.

Driven, self centered, loves learning, desire to do good, deliberate.

Photo by Andreea Pop on Unsplash.

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