User Experience: Airport Addition

To provoke delight is the reward of excellent user experience.

A deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations is no small feat.

With the unique atmosphere of stress, and opportunities for confusion, found in the airport experience an additional level of complexity is added to the challenge of user experience.

However, with the San Francisco airport sporting a meditation room, which I’ve never made the effort to explore but definitely want to at sometime, it’s interesting to see what effort is being put into user experience at airports.

Today I got to experience an effort to delight users at the Dallas airport with an airport chapel.

This was my first time every noticing an airport chapels, which have an interesting history, and was surprised that they are found in 16/20 busiest airports.

Walking into this room there is a little guest sheet where you can write your name and where you’re from and any additional notes.

The single room has a variety of religious scriptures including the Bible and the Quran, as well as prayer mats.

One thing I wish I would have taken a photo of was the compass on the celling, which directs Muslims North to Mekkah so they know what direction to pray.

Keep the drive for user experience, there are opportunities to improve!

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