Once This Is Over

What happens when you have flu like symptoms amidst a global health pandemic?

You get tested.

Spoiler: I tested negative.

The process of getting tested was fairly straight forward. Documenting primarily for the sake of posterity. Finding an in network provider that offered testing wasn’t too difficult, scheduling the actual appointment however, was quite a challenge.

COVID testing appointments go like hot cakes.

Since there was no availability day of, I scheduled one for the following day.

However, because I had read Chris Voss’ “Never Split The Difference” I called the hospital and did a little negotiation to convince them to take down my information and reserve the next spot that popped up before then.

Thirty minutes later I was called back and had an appointment in an hour.

Thanks Theresa (and Chris Voss), you’re a real one.

I drove to the testing location, waited in line, and after verifying my identity was handed a plastic bag with a bottle of pink liquid, a funnel, some printed out instructions, and asked if I had eaten or drunk anything in the past 5 minutes.

The cars were then directed to the next station where you handed your vile back.

Having filled the vial with the appropriate amount of saliva, I was told test results would be available within the next 12-24 hours.

However, if you had symptoms and the test came back negative still socially distance until you no longer have symptoms.

That last point being something we should continue to practice once this is over.

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