Two Free Business Ideas

The foundation for businesses are problems.

The consistent elements of these problems are that people are willing to pay to solve them.

In pursuit of identifying problems that fit the above description, I have a problem jar which sits on a table in my room. Throughout my days and weeks I identify problems, write them down, and put them in the jar. Ideally, every month I go through that jar and pick a problem that I think has potential and run it through the Lean Canvas.

Here are problems that I think the world would be a better place for if solved.

  1. Photographers would rather practice their art than learn the skills needed to find clients.
    This is a problem many have tried to solve for other niche markets like etsy, depop, etc. However, for photographers specifically this is still a problem. There are a few wedding sites where you can pay to have your service featured and hope some traffic is converted to your site. (However, I’ve had friends who have paid for this service for years and have gotten no clients from it.)

    I think one way to approach this problem is a business model where a photographer could submit their portfolio and prices while letting the client fill out a survey with their wedding dates, preferred style, and budget matching the clients preferences to a few options which they could then choose from and the agency would get a portion of the photographers pay could be really successful.
  2. Museums are declining in popularity and therefore revenue streams.
    The idea of turning your museum into an escape room is not a new idea. However, the business model of being specialized in crafting escape rooms to the aura of a museum doesn’t currently exist to my knowledge. I think this could really be beneficial to the museum, the younger generations that now find themselves in while also being profitable, depending on how you charged for the service.

Keep looking for problems, the world is a better place when you solve them.

Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash.

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