The Internet Is A Teacher, But Not Always The Best One

In the Power Of Habit, Charles Duhigg breaks down what makes a habit: que, routine, reward.

One habit I have is to turn to the internet to answer my questions.

This isn’t necessarily bad.

But when those questions get bigger like: What elements should I look for in a friend? The internet isn’t often the best first choice.


Because the answer to that questions heavily relies on personal values, which the internet doesn’t automatically account for.

(Although there are often generally agreed upon principles for good friends, kindness, etc.)

The internet is a teacher, many teachers.

And sometimes those teachers aren’t the best for the subject at hand.

Sometimes the best way to learn about something is to go out and do it, instead of reading about it.

Go out and meet people, try to make friends. Do it.

With that in mind, there’s also a time and place for turning to the internet.

The internet is a teacher, but not always the best one.

Photo by Deon van Zyl on Unsplash

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