Stop Rearranging Furniture On Sinking Ships

Most of us make it through life by coping not changing. We rearrange what we do but somehow the core problems are never completely addressed.

Inside Out, Dr. Larry Crabb

To translate the above in Scottish, “Every man dies, not every man truly lives.”

What is the price of going through life rearranging instead of addressing the root cause?

Missed friendships, growth, joy, fulfillment, and as our Scottish friends imply: missing life.

That’s a high price to pay.

But many do because addressing the root cause is not easy.

Inspect a foundation for cracks takes deliberate consciousness and vulnerability.

And what are the implications if you find the foundation shaky?

Although easy to applaud the worthwhile nature of this work, when was the last time you did it?

And if you’re torn on venturing to the foundation in the first place, consider evaluating what is lost if you don’t.

You can only redecorate a sinking ships so many times before it’s to late.

Photo by Dylan Leagh on Unsplash.

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