In-N-Out Waffle

Yes, you read that right.

Waffles, one of the many delights of life, and In-N-Out, a taste of heaven.

Together, the possibility seemed too great.

For this recipe you’ll need, two ounces of daring, one cup of courage, and three table spoons of wing it.

Upon ordering a single patty with cheese at In-N-Out, acquiring some waffle mix, and a stuffler, you are ready to commence.

Cover the bottom of the waffle iron with waffle mix, place the patty in the middle, and cover with waffle mix.

When you insert a knife and it comes out clean, the waffle is ready.

Optional, top with spread and ketchup.

Final verdict: overall pretty tasty, would eat again. I think the addition of lettuce on top for a change in texture and to lighten the experience could be a nice touch.

A good first iteration.

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