Tips To Develop Strong Friendships

So, you want to develop the skill to intentionality grow great friendships?


You’re in the wrong place, mate.

But feel free to stick around anyway

Being a good friend is a skill that is honed and developed.

It typically doesn’t come “naturally” and being a good friend doesn’t look the same for everyone.

For example, if your friend needs someone to talk to, or an adventure buddy, the type of friend you are might change. But never change to contradict your values. e.g. you value honesty and someone says they need a friend who is dishonest.

Here are some actionable ideas to get you started:
Attentively listen
Ask questions about their goals, be curious about them
Send then relevant resources
Share news on common interests, music, hobbies, etc.
Send an encouraging message.

Common reasons people don’t do the above:
Would rather have questions asked about them than ask questions
Continuing to send resources/invest when it’s not reciprocated can be draining

Friendships, especially strong ones, require effort.

Be diligent to consider who you’re investing in. Once you’re confident about the friendship don’t hesitant to continue pouring in. We all go through season where we need a little extra encouragement and we might not be the best at following up or reaching out. So don’t get discouraged if you have the opportunity to be that encouragement for other people.

Be present and take the opportunity to be there for them.

After all, people are the most valuable resource.

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash.

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