Geometries Of Space: Hyperbolic, Spherical, And Euclidean

In this episode of, “skimming the surface on a very complex topic you know little to nothing about” we have the geometries of space.

This initially became of interest to me because I was learning about Daina Taimiņa, a Latvian mathematician.

She had the incredible insight to visualize hyperbolic space through crocheting.

It’s as wild as it sounds.

What are the geometries of space? The three possible shapes to the Universe.

Hyperbolic space, open Universe (negative curvature).

Spherical space, closed Universe (positive curvature).

Euclidean space, a flat Universe (zero curvature).

If you got nothing from the above I hope you leave with the understanding that art and science are better together.

Photo by Tobias Rademacher on Unsplash.

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