Smarter Faster Better

Title: Smarter Faster Better

Recommendation: 8.6/10


Thankfully ones’ initial impression from the title contrasts starkly with the contents of the book.

Written to prevent further misconceptions around productivity, this is an excellent read for those looking to better manage their time.

Charles Duhigg defines productivity as an attempt to figure out the best use of time, energy, and intellect for the most meaningful rewards and least wasted effort.

And to be productive, some level of motivation is needed.

Motivation, oh that nebulous friend.

The good news, and what impressed me most, was that motivation is a skill, one that can be learned and honed.

However, a prerequisite to motivation is believing we are in control of our actions. This belief leads us to be more confident and overcome setbacks faster. Even more so if we see our actions affirm our deeper values and goals.


Motivation becomes easier when we transform a chore into a choice giving us a sense of control.

Every choice we make in life is an experiment. 

[people / users] are more motivated to play simply because they believe they are in control.

Creatives are often intellectual middlemen. They’ve learned how different groups function and can cross apply what ideas are likely to work or not.

Creativity is just connecting things.

Psychological safety begins with the leader encouraging people to speak. Are you rewarding the loudest people? Or modeling listening?

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