Logged In & Stressed Out

Title: Logged In & Stressed Out

Recommendation: 7.6/10

Summary: This is a fitting read for #mentalhealthawarenessmonth .

Because the voice of discouraged dissatisfaction is often amplified after using social media, I’ve often considered how to navigate these unforgiving waters.

Instead of blaming the tool, Paula provides a well-rounded resource on how we can establish social media literacy, processing knowledge and beliefs from social media through a critical thinking lens.

What words/images get my attention? What is the purpose of this message? What values, beliefs, and lifestyles are communicated in the post? Do they align with my values?

By far, the behavior change that has minimized my fabricated dissatisfaction most is restricting the amount of time I can spend on specific apps. Focused time to network / catch up with friends and more time to read! 

This was a great reminder to avoid reactive relationships with media that are so easy to revert to.


Don’t log on to social media when you’re sad.

Chronic and unnecessary feelings of self-directed shame are exhausting and toxic to our mental health.

Practice self-compassion, celebrate accomplishments, enjoy time alone, identify characteristics you like, and give yourself permission to ask for help.

How bold one gets when one is sure of being loved. – Sigmund Freud

All forms of emotional abuse play into our human fears of rejection, abandonment, unworthiness, shame & unlovability.

We tend to raise our children in the attachment styles we grew up in.

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